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About the Company

Greenaway Marine Ltd / Seapro. UK.  established over 40 years in the construction and sale of underwater video, cameras and scientific equipment.
We are located in Swindon, Mid Southern England, and our Showroom and works are just 1 mile south of Junction 16 of the M4 motorway.
Full manufacturing facilities for general video housings, Subsea Modules and housings for specialist  electronic components. Note we can house any video camera built in the World, and for specialised projects we can design and build for any underwater purpose.
All work is done "in house" hence we can control the quality of our product throughout  manufacture.
We welcome your enquiries.

So you don't just get a Housing for your camera when you buy a  Seapro you get years of Experience that went into Building it.

Stephens in depth Knowledge of Photographic and Video needs and being a sports diver built on the foundations of the business to what it is now. A World renowned Under Water Photographic Manufacturer of Housings in Aluminium and other materials. The dedicated manufacturing Plant boosts Specialist electrical wiring area......five lathes an Optical section for Lenses and its own Aluminium plant for anodising and a electrostatic paint spraying room.

Buy in Confidence

  • When you buy a Seapro Housing you are really buying years of Experience in Under water Optics and Mechanics that will let you bring Home the finest Under Water Video shots to Impress your Friends.

    Professional Photographers

  • The Professional photographer has also heard about Greenaway Marine. We are continually approached by many Leading Large Organisations , Universities and Research establishments to produce specialist (one/ off) Housings for whole array of equipment from Weather metering gear, atomic fuel cell photography, to the state of the art Sony Broadcast Cameras. The (one off) capabilities of the business is strong and vibrant. What ever you want to protect from the elements can be protected.


    One off units are our speciality, see SUBSEA MODULES for cost effective housings, see COMPLETED PROJECTS AND SPECIAL PROJECTS to see the range of equipment we can offer.