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Accessories to fit all Sub sea Modules and SeaPro SP Housings:

SP Cable .... this cable drum and connector system can be fitted to any of the entire range of SP camera Housing Range. Its used when you need to bring the Video signal up to the surface for storage. Mainly used when its necessary to record large amounts of Digital Data which can,t be stored on the camera. It also gives a "Live feed" to the Surface so that Surface Controllers can see "Live Images " being shot at the time. see price list for details.

Water Detector .... This Small sealed unit fits neatly out the way inside your Housing but gives the reassurance that all is Well. It carries it's own power supply so no need to use camera power and has a Lead that runs an "LED" (light  emitting diode) that can be placed any where on the rear surface inside the Housing to alert you should a problem occur.

Hydrophone .... This is without doubt a Power-full (add on) to your SP Housing....."SOUND UNDERWATER" The Hydrophone is fitted to the external surface of the Housing and it picks up all sounds being generated at the time of Video Capture. "Fantastic" from bubbles from partners to surf noise / boat noise / grunting noise from Buddies ...its all there.  This can be added at a later date if you failed to order this with your new SP camera System.


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