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Commercial Modules:  Sea bed video monitoring, with lights

Sea bed video monitoring.

GreenawayMarine have produced a complete video system, that can be placed or lowered to the sea bed.

Images can be recorded, without a diver being present.

 It has its own lighting system, so can be used at night or at depth.

Depending upon the camera installed, filming time, in segments from a few minutes or up to 8 hours.

Umbilical, can bring live data to the surface.


 Modules can be built for extreme deep water applications.

Commercial Camera Housings

All commercial Housings have there own special requirements, because every one wants a different set of controls. However we are able to show you here some examples of what people have had before.

redone in pool

 Camera being used in Dubai Aquarium, streaming live images to the audience.

Three chip camera by canon, with large monitor for diver control.